Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Discuss Special Waste Landfill

Steve Burns and John McCain of Carlson McCain Inc. addressed the Roosevelt County Commissioners on the proposal to build a special waste landfill on Highway 16 north of Culbertson during the commissioners’ weekly meeting Monday, March 3.
McCain noted that the application has been completed and submitted. He gave a copy of the application to the commissioners for their use. The commissioners were assured they would keep them updated on the status of the approval.
The current entrance to the proposed landfill borders the property of Cliff Thompson and is most convenient for McCain, Inc. as its entrance will be right off Highway 16.
When questions began to arise, the two representatives assured the commissioners that due to the number of special waste landfills located in North Dakota, they don’t expect much to be shipped to the Culbertson area from North Dakota.

At that point, the meeting turned contentious. An attendee, Chris Kilsdonk, asked to speak. She stated that her business, a dog kennel, is located approximately one-half mile from the proposed site. She said the company Carlson McCain, Inc., represents didn’t care about her business or her dogs. She also shared a map with the commissioners that shows her property and the proposed landfill on an earthquake fault.
She continued with the question of why she, the owner of adjoining property, had never been notified of this proposed landfill prior to this point in the process. Steve Burns answered that, while they probably should have, the company has followed the proper procedures and processes with their application.
At that point, there was no further discussion of business.
In other business, the commissioners hired Austin Knudsen to assist with an ongoing case involving oil litigation. The county took possession of land bordering North Dakota years ago due to unpaid taxes. A lawsuit was filed against the county by an oil company claiming the county gained the land improperly. The commissioners approved the hiring of Knudsen.
Also on the agenda was a discussion revolving around the county assuming responsibility to grant an easement to the Town of Culbertson on the road that surrounds the Culbertson airport. It is not a county road, but the mayor of Culbertson, Gordon Oelkers, wanted the commissioners to grant the easement to allow homeowners in the completed subdivision bordering that road to obtain title insurance.
The discussion involved assistant county attorney Jordan Knudsen. He stated that the action needed depends on what the Town of Culbertson is asking the commissioners to do. The road is a privately owned road.
The discussion was tabled to enable Jordan Knudsen time to research the issue prior to giving the commissioners advice on how to proceed.