Wolf Point Herald

Frontier School Board Approves 2014-15 School Calendar, Agreement

By Vicki Viall
The monthly meeting of the Frontier School board was held Monday, Feb. 5, and was chaired by Dr. Mark Zilkoski. Under his guidance, the board quickly moved through items on the agenda that involved no discussions but needed only motions to approve and vote on.
The first item that involved a discussion was the ratification of negotiated agreement changes. The board and the attendees had a discussion about what the board was actually taking action on. They were not voting on the actual agreement — only the changes to the agreement.
The calendar that the teachers and staff of Frontier School submitted to the board was brought for a vote. Initially, the staff and teachers were given three choices of calendars from which to choose. One started earlier, one started later and one was somewhere in between.

The one selected by the staff has the school starting Aug. 18 for teachers and Aug. 20 for students. Some of the teachers didn’t care for this option, remembering how hot it was at the end of August last year.
Zilkoski pointed out that the calendar had already been selected by the staff.
The calendar for 2014-15 chosen by the majority of the staff was approved by the board. In addition to the start dates noted above, the last day of school will be May 29.
On the evening’s agenda was a multi-district agreement with Lustre Elementary School. The agreement will be effective from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015. The purpose of the agreement is to combine efforts between Lustre Elementary and Frontier School in focusing on speakers to come to the area to instruct staff. Frontier was designated as the prime agency in the agreement. The agreement was approved.
The board addressed the need for a policy on staff rooming with students on overnight trips out of the area.
Superintendent Christine Eggar had done much research, contacting more than a dozen other school districts seeking guidance or samples of such a policy. None of those schools have an actual policy in place.
Upon questioning from Zilkoski for clarification, the board made the decision that there does need to be a policy in place and put the ball back into the superintendent’s court to prepare such a policy.
The PIR survey results and the approval of transportation claims were dealt with quickly with no discussion.
Frontier dean of students Jeff Whitmus shared with the board that the school’s full-time janitor has resigned. They are now looking for a new custodian.
Whitmus suggested that the remaining janitor be made full-time and an additional janitor be hired to focus more on maintenance.
Eggar interjected that she felt both janitors need to be full-time as the school facilities have expanded and there is more to be done.
Whitmus gave an update on the status of the library sharing that new ceiling lights are up and functional, new tile has been installed and only a few walls remain to be completed.
The shop classroom is now housing three classes and, soon, home improvement classes will begin.
Whitmus anticipated having the technology room up and running very soon. That depends on how quickly the internet is set up. The technology room was designed for Smarter Balance.
Eggar was next and gave a report of the afternoon’s science fair. She shared the information on the winners and that they would be traveling to Havre on March 5 for the regional science fair. She shared more about the winning projects and some of the prizes that were won. Where Eggar will be attending a meeting March 3 with the Montana Office of Public Instruction will assist with the evaluations of staff.
She announced that the classroom spelling bees are in progress and the spelling bee will be held on March 28.
Eggar said she should have information from the auditor to share with the board by the next board meeting.
The board went into executive session for Whitmus’ evaluation. Upon completion, the board adjourned.
The March meeting of the Frontier School board will be March 10, at 7:30 p.m.