Wolf Point Herald

Roosevelt County Emergency Operations Plan

It is time for the Roosevelt County Local Emergency Planning Committee to review and update its Emergency Operations Plan. The committee held a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 22 to begin the process. Representatives from the county, Wolf Point, public health and safety, fire, medical and more were in attendance.
The plan of action includes having electronic copies of the plan disseminated to all committee members for their review with all those applicable in their departments.  This includes every city, town and municipality within Roosevelt County.  
It is imperative that they seek input from key personnel to ensure the plan is as complete and accurate as possible. The plan needs to be reviewed, annotated and returned to the committee no later than Feb. 28.

The committee shall meet again on Monday, March 10 to compile all the changes are reviewed and that the plan is updated.
This plan will, potentially, affect every resident of Roosevelt County. It cannot be emphasized enough that each town and each agency needs to review the plan and submit their comments, suggestions and questions. It also cannot be emphasized strongly enough that this needs to be done by Feb 28.
Once the plan has been reviewed, updated and finalized, It will then be sent to the State of Montana Disaster and Emergency Services.
The Emergency Operations Plan  is essential to each of us in the event of a weather emergency, natural disaster or other emergency incident. If you have questions or concerns, please contact someone in your town in the appropriate department of your concern. Now is definitely the time to share those concerns!
If you have questions or concerns but have received no answers or feedback, remember the date and time for the next meeting of the Local Emergency Planning Committee: Monday, March 10. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for 4 p.m. in the conference room in the Public Health Department.