Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point School Board Deals With Student Issues, Approves New Hires

The Wolf Point School board met Jan. 14. Several student issues were dealt with during executive sessions. The board goes into executive session for the protection of an individual’s privacy, unless that individual waives his or her right to privacy.
Two students will be allowed to re-enroll under strict behavior contracts and a third will be expelled for remainder of 2013-14 school year and a re-admittance hearing will be required for future re-enrollment.
A purchase from Gaffney’s for a contract on high school copy machines at a cost of $7,160 was approved.
Held over for a special meeting slated for Jan. 17 was the annual review of Policy 7231 for Indian Policies and Procedures, Title VIII, Impact Aid.

The hiring of several new employees was approved: Brett Scott was hired as a part-time custodian for the junior/senior high school, Vic Shefelbine was hired as a part-time district maintenance person and Connie Lambert was hired as a junior high English and history teacher.
Reports were give by Southside Elementary School principal Susan Brown, Northside Elementary School principal Hannah Nieskens, junior/senior high school principal Kim Hanks and superintendent Joe Paine.
Brown reported that the student book cards are a success.
Nieskens noted that Melissa DeWitt received the Montana Teaching Federation’s Karen Cox Memorial Grant for $500 which will be used for the purchase of math games to enrich math instruction. Nemont has quoted an extremely reasonable rate to repair the network systems for both Southside and Northside schools. Nieskens also offered kudos for her teachers who volunteer their time in the community.
Hanks stated that the junior/senior high school will be involved with several trainings over the next few months and numerous visitors to the school are expected. She noted that the assessment window for MSRP grant will be open Jan. 6-23. Students will be completing the ISIP reading assessment during the same time period. The leadership team completed a self-assessment. Special education teachers and counselors are conducting LEP testing. That window closes Jan. 29.
Paine shared that a recent bus inspection passed and noted as the cleaning fleet inspected. A couple of grants will be used for the junior/senior high school parking lot, including one from Burlington/Northern. One grant has been submitted for funds to upgrade security at the high school.
The superintendent’s evaluation was tabled until the special meeting scheduled for Friday.
The next regular meeting of the Wolf Point School board is scheduled for Feb. 11 at 6 p.m.
The school board met again Friday, Jan. 17, in a special session to vote on the annual review of Policy 7231 for Indian Policies and Procedures, Title VIII, Impact Aid. The changes were approved with no additional discussion.
Also dealt with were the resignation of one of the junior/senior high school’s janitors. Paine emphasized that he and other members of the staff have taken it upon themselves to clean the gymnasium after games. He pointed out how dirty the locker rooms are and that teachers are having to clean classrooms. He stated that it is imperative that the school’s janitorial force be brought up to full staff.
After this business, the board went into executive session to discuss the superintendent’s evaluation.