Wolf Point Herald

Homelessness Is Present In Wolf Point

By Vicki Viall
Homelessness does exist in Wolf Point. A number of the area’s homeless population revolves around their addiction to alcohol and drugs. Many have family who will provide shelter during periods of sobriety. Sadly, some choose to return to the streets in search of money to feed their addictions.
Would you know who to contact for assistance if you or someone you know were homeless? Would you like to help the homeless?
Although there is not a homeless shelter in Wolf Point, there is hope that something will be in place through The Lord’s Table for providing temporary shelter in the near future.  
Pastor Danny Lindsay is applying to the Fort Peck Tribes for a grant to add such a shelter to  what The Lord’s Table already provides to the homeless and those in need.
The Lord’s Table currently offers an evening meal five days a week. Monday through Friday, those in need are given a warm meal. Pastor Lindsey points out that the children falling into this group receive breakfast and lunch through school and, therefore, receive three meals a day.
The Lord’s Table is always in need of donations of food and clothing.
Perhaps The Lord’s Table, with support from the Ministerial Association, can speed up the plans for a temporary shelter prior to the next negative temperature front passing through the area.
The Poplar community also offers an option via their New Life Mission. The mission provides shelter and warm meals and also requires that residents be sober and no drugs allowed in the facility. The only potential problem with this option would be getting someone to Poplar.
New Life Mission, much like The Lord’s Table, accepts donations of both clothing and food items.
What else can we, as a community, do? No one can be helped unless they really want help. There are people within the community who are looking for suggestions and are willing to share those suggestions with any willing and able to help.
Those who are able and willing to help can help through The Lord’s Table or a church are encouraged to do so. One person stepped up to help an individual living in a tent.
The Wolf Point community  does have an individual living in a tent — even on those nights/days when the mercury dropped into the negative double digits.
Fortunately, a kind soul has allowed him to plug in and a run a heater in his tent. The individual is willing to work and does, currently, do part-time jobs.
If you would like to donate money to assist this individual in finding more suitable housing until he is able to support himself, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you get in contact with the person accepting donations on behalf of this Wolf Point man.