Wolf Point Herald

Scam Targeting Nemont Customers

By Vicki Viall

Are you a Nemont customer? Have you heard or read about the scam that is targeting Nemont customers? From this victim of fraud, please believe this warning is not to be taken lightly.
This particular scam is not new. Neither is the approach that they use. Only the company being victimized and the customers being targeted and exploited have changed.
According to www.nemont.net, these people call an existing Nemont customer telling them that their computer has been infected by a virus. They are presenting themselves as Nemont employees.  The purpose of the call is to offer for a fee to remove the virus. They then ask for the customer’s credit card information over the phone.
So many red flags go up with this kind of approach — especially via telephone.  Without remote access, no one can tell if your computer has a virus. The lone exception to this might be via email with an infected attachment. That, however, is not definitive proof.  That could also mean a friend’s email has been compromised and you are on their email address listing.
No company will contact you via the telephone with such an offer. Ever. If ever the need arises, they will contact you in writing or by notification through your monthly statement or by posting on their website or all of the above.
No company will contact you via telephone and request that you give them credit card information.  
So, if you have received one of these calls and have given the caller your credit card information, contact Nemont and your credit card company immediately.
Help keep your family, friends and neighbors by safe by ensuring they are educated about this scam, too.
Just remember this: if something sounds too good to be true, it is. And, if something just doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.