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Roosevelt County DUI Task Force To Hold Meeting December 18

The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force will hold a meeting at the Public Health Building, 124 Custer St., Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 3 p.m.

The task force is looking for support and participating in planning and enforcing strategies and activities to help reduce alcohol-involved traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. One of the goals of the task force is to increase its memberships and partnerships.

Montana has one of the highest alcohol-fatality rates in the nation with alcohol/drug-related driving being a factor in 10 percent of all traffic crashes, 20 percent of all injuries and almost 50 percent of deaths on Montana roads.

One of the factors in the success of making the roads safer in the next year is a view that represents the community. Being a member of the task force gives community members an opportunity to do something in the public interest and make a difference by reducing traffic crashes, saving lives, preventing injuries and enhancing safety on the roads.

Some of the desired skills include ability to communicate, problem solve, organize, analyze date, write, stuff envelopes, hang posters, distribute brochures, staff a display booth at a safety fair, work with media, facility groups and do long term planning. Citizens do not need to be an officer or alcohol counselor to be a member of the DUI task force. 

Members are needed to represent the following sectors of the community:

•Community Residents (parents, daycare providers, students, seniors and crash victims)

•Businesses (AAA, chamber of commerce members, insurance agents, morticians, tavern owners)

•Education (student councilors, school resource officers, principals, PTA presidents)

•Faith-Based (pastoral leaders, campus ministries, chaplains)

•Civic Groups (Elks, Lions, American Legion, VFW, Exchange Clubs)

•Health Care (addiction counselors, nurses, physicians, trauma coordinators)

•EMS (ambulance and fire department)

•Law Enforcement (police, sheriff, highway patrol, campus security, probation and parole)

Anyone wanting more information can contact Mary Vine, DUI task force coordinator, at 653-6228.