Wolf Point Herald

Counties Appoint Safety Coordinator

Roosevelt County Commissioners Gary Macdonald, Jim Shanks and Duane Nygaard held a public meeting, Dec. 5, at the courthouse to discuss several matters.

The commissioners began the meeting by approving the minutes for the Nov. 22 public meeting and the minutes of all the meetings that took place in November.

In administrative issues, the commissioners approved the hire of Nancy Hamilton as the safety coordinator for Daniels, Sheridan, Valley and Roosevelt counties.

Hamilton’s duties as safety coordinator will include putting together safety seminars, communicating with the road department and bringing in the state staff to do inspections in all of the buildings. Hamilton’s headquarters will be in Valley County. The commissioners approved the hire of Hamilton and agreed that she will do a good job in her position.

The commissioners approved Brian Nelson’s annual pay raise. Nelson will go from G1R7 to G1R8.  

In new business, the commissioners approved Leona Colvin’s request to be appointed to Roosevelt County Library board. They also approved Mike Leinen’s and Shelly Thompson’s requests to be on fair board. Macdonald mentioned that Thompson has been attending the meetings and the board has requested her to be placed on it.

The commissioners once again tabled the discussion of Regan Hick’s request for Nemont to use the tower. They also tabled the planning fees. Macdonald said he wanted to wait until the planning board meets to discuss the planning fees.