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Red Cross Suggests Alternative Ways To Give During The Holidays

The American Red Cross of Montana is encouraging everyone to go beyond giving to their loved ones and give to those in need this holiday season.

For anyone having trouble on what gifts they should give during the holidays, the Montana Red Cross has several suggestions.

Volunteer Your Time

One of the best gifts anyone can give is to volunteer their time. Whether it is helping at a soup kitchen or dedicating a portion of your day to help mentor a child, your time is not only one of the best gifts, but also it can impact a person’s life.

For more information on volunteering opportunities, you can visit the Red Cross of Montana’s web site at www.redcross.org/montana to learn how.

Support Disaster Relief And Survivors

The world is hit with several natural disasters every year, from floods in the United States to the recent Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines. Many of the survivors end up losing their homes and possessions. You can submit a financial donation to the various charities that help with disaster reliefs or you can give a donation directly to the Red Cross.

Remember Soldiers And Their Families

There will be many soldiers who will be overseas during the holidays. The Red Cross of Montana has provided the service  where you can send thank you or Christmas cards to members of the Armed Forces through the Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes Program. The mailbox closes Dec. 6. If you would like to mail a card to a soldier, send to the following address: Holiday Mail for Heroes; P.O. Box 5456; Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456.

 Donate Blood

With everyone getting ready for the holidays, hospitals and blood banks have a difficult time collecting blood during the season. You can donate blood and save many lives.

Purchase Tax-Deductible Gifts

If you do not have much time to spare during the holidays or prefer to do your shopping online, you can purchase gifts from the Red Cross of Montana gift catalog, www.redcross.org/montana. You can buy items such as infant care kits for babies, comfort kits for soldiers, or water containers for natural disaster survivors.

You can also purchase greeting cards. Purchases from the website are tax-deductible and benefit the American Red Cross.