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Lustre News – Nov. 27

Honor Roll Announced

Lustre Christian High School has released the honor roll for the first trimester. Students earning honors are listed below. An asterisk denotes 4.0.

Seniors: honor roll: Timothy Lenihan, James Rue, Ajay Headdress, Austin Neufeld and Jake Kim; honorable mention: Kimberly Lenihan, Sandro Dorsainvil and Chris Nordlie.

Juniors: honor roll: Mack Young and Mawin Kulpruks; honorable mention: Morgan Davis and Maya Cruz.

Sophomores: honor roll: *Evan Bartel, *Monica Brown, *McKaylah Lenihan and Jason Toavs; honorable mention: Loverty Lindsay and Gabby Pierre.

Freshmen: honor roll: Michael Brown and Shelby Reddig; honorable mention: Rebecca Rahn.


Martin and Karen Fast recently took a road trip to Nebraska to visit their children, Stanley and Joni Fast and children and Stacie and Jeff Juzyk and family. After spending several days in Nebraska, they continued on to Mountain Lake, Minn., to visit Martin’s sisters, Marge and Willard Friesen and Marlene Fast. While there, they celebrated Marge’s birthday. Iris Troche of El Paso, Texas, flew up to join her siblings for a visit.



The Lustre jamboree tournament was held in Nashua Saturday, Nov. 23.  The first round of competition pitted Lustre against the boys, which Lustre won, 24-4.

Amber Reddig led in scoring in this first game with nine points. Halle Reddig scored six; Megan Fast, four; and Kolden Hoversland and Olivia Brown each had two points.

Bo Anderson scored the only four points for Opheim.

In the second game, the tables were turned on Lustre and they lost to Hinsdale/Saco, 8-28. Halle Reddig scored four points; Braeden Toavs had two and Hoversland and Brown each netted a free throw.

Loden Idler was high scorer for Hinsdale/Saco with eight points.

The third game again turned in Lustre’s favor, with Lustre victorious over Frazer, 18-14.

Hoversland put up eight points; Amber Reddig and Halle Reddig each scored four; and Brown  completed the scoring with two.

In the consolation round, Lustre lost their momentum and relinquished the fourth game to Dodson, 20-26.

Amber Reddig put up eight points, while Toavs had six; Halle Reddig, four; and Hoversland, two.