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NEMHS Trinity Hospital Campus Receives Multiple Nursing Awards

Northeast Montana Health Services is proud to be establishing a tradition of excellence as recognized by the Avatar International awards recently received by its Trinity Hospital campus in four categories.
Awards were received for most improved responsiveness of hospital staff, most improved overall rating, most improved willingness to recommend and for exemplary service – most improved in-patient.
These awards were given based on surveys given to patients who reported receiving services and care beyond their expectations and are rated against national and state averages.
“These awards signify the success of the hard work the nursing staff does each day in following the protocols, whether safety related, education for the patient or simply making the patients feel comfortable and safe. I applaud the staff in every department for all they have done, and continue to do, to achieve this national recognition,” said Elaine Long, director of nurses.
Nationally, all recipients were selected based on a panel of independently scored criteria that included degree of actual improvement, scope of change, degree of innovation, ability to spread ideas externally and the nature of barriers the facilities had to overcome.
Avatar International is an Orlando, Fla., based industry leader in healthcare quality improvement services. Specializing in evidence-based intelligent surveys and innovative strategies, they transform information into significant quality and efficiency of care improvements for the healthcare industry.