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Lustre News – Nov. 20


Amanda Lenihan, a 2012 graduate of Lustre Christian High School, has recently been deployed to Japan for a two-year tour of duty as a U.S. Marine intelligence analyst for the 1st Marine Air Wing. On Nov. 1, Lenihan hiked up Mt. Suribachi on the Island of Iwo Jima where she was promoted to Lance Corporal by both her Company Commander and her unit Sergeant Major.


A reception was held at the MB Church Sunday evening for newlyweds Aaron and Naomi Young. The reception was hosted by Aaron’s parents, Wes and Joy Young.


Packing Shoeboxes

Sunday morning during the worship service at the EMB Church, a dedication was held for the 106 shoeboxes that had been collected from Church members, community and the Young People’s group that had packed boxes for Samaritan’s Purse. From here, the boxes will go to Denver, Colo., where they will be prepared for shipment to countries all over the world.


Chapel Topic Features Sharing Gospel With Friends

My curiosity was piqued last Wednesday when, after school, the dorm dad, Randy Davis, approached me and asked if I had keys to the drama room. I am custodian at Lustre Christian High School and he asked if could he store something in there overnight. I agreed and to my wonderment several of the students bought a coffin up the stairs. When I asked, they said it was for Thursday’s chapel.

The next day, Davis led the chapel with the topic of “Sharing the Gospel With Family and Friends.” The students used the coffin as a prop in the skit that they presented, based on the YouTube video, “A Letter From Hell,” in which a young person killed in a car wreck writes to his Christian friend asking why he didn’t witness to him. 

After the skit, Davis asked the students how many would leave a Christmas package under the tree unopened. He compared that to the gift of Salvation that God offers to us, that so many of us leave unopened.  He closed his chapel with Revelations 3:20.

Chapel is held at LCHS every Thursday afternoon and is open to the public for anyone interested.


Lustre Sports

Lustre hosted a jamboree Saturday, Nov. 16, at the Lustre Christian High School gym. Guest teams were Opheim and Nashua.

The Lustre Grade School jamboree team played the first game against Nashua and lost, 7-37. Being the stiff competitor that Nashua  proved to be, Lustre coach Linette Uchtman said she considered the game a win in the fact that they were able to score in both halves of the game. Megan Fast, Kolden Hoversland, and Halle Reddig each had two points and Kaleb Hoversland scored one.

Lustre’s junior high defeated the Nashua Porcupines by a score of 34-23. Zach Brown led with 16 points; Thomas Brown, seven; Sadie Brown, five; Levi Brown, four; and Kaitlyn Toavs, two.

The next round of Lustre’s games pitted the LGS jamboree team to a close victory over Opheim, 18-16.  Megan Fast and Halle Reddig each had four points, Kolden Hoversland led with six points, and Amber Reddig and Olivia Brown each contributed two.

The Lustre junior high could not hold their winnings, however, and lost the next game to Opheim with a final score of 32-40. Levi Brown led the team with 14 points; Zach Brown, 10; Thomas Brown, six; and Sadie Brown, two.

For those of you that may not know how the jamboree teams stack up, Lustre has only a co-ed team with the other schools having both a boys’ and a girls’ team. It is set up, that if there are any boys on a team, they have to play the boys’ team. Therefore, Lustre’s co-ed team always plays against the competition’s boys’ team.