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Veterans Memorial To Be Built In Town Of Fort Peck


A memorial dedicated to fallen soldiers born in Montana is set to be built in the town of Fort Peck in the future.

According to their website, the Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Project, a non-profit organization based out of Glasgow, is planning to create a monument for all veterans, including those from northeast Montana, specifically from the counties of Phillips, Valley, Daniels, McCone, Garfield, Dawson, Sheridan and Roosevelt. The project is a collaboration of the Veterans of Foreign War and American Legion. These groups formed a committee three years ago to start the project.

The memorial will be located at Flag Pole Park and will have several features, including a five-sided monument with a list of soldiers killed in action from each county, a family vigil area and an American eagle on a pedestal. The central monument, walkways and landscaping will be built in the first phase of the project. The recognition walls, sculptures and vigil area will be added in the future. The costs for the initial plans are $250,000.

The project hopes to fund, construct and maintain the memorial with funds from sponsors and local residents instead of using state or federal money.

According to a press release, Steve Page announced that groundbreaking is scheduled for Memorial Day.

More than 9,000 men and women from northeast Montana have served in uniform and more than 300 gave their lives. The park will be a reminder of the freedom we have today thanks to their sacrifice and service. Northeast Montana residents have a long history of military service. It began when the First Montana Volunteers organized in 1894, continued through all conflicts, including today’s War on Terror.”

Anyone wanting more information on the Veterans Memorial Park can contact the committee at 228-2223 or visit the website at www.VeteransMT.org.