Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Discuss Easements, DUI Task Force

Roosevelt County Commissioners Gary Macdonald, Jim Shanks and Duane Nygaard held a public meeting at the Roosevelt County courthouse Nov. 7 to discuss several matters.

The meeting began with the commissioners approving the minutes for the Oct. 31 public meeting.

During public comment, Nygaard announced that Dry Prairie Rural Water requested a public meeting at the Roosevelt County Aging Services office, 124 Custer St. on Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. There will be representatives from the project in regards to the water easement.

In administrative issues, Nygaard brought up the easements for intersections from the state to Roosevelt County. Macdonald explained that the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation requires the county buy the right-of-way on roads that intersect school land.

Although Macdonald went through and finished the paperwork with the help of Clayton Vine, he had some questions about the secondary road system. Nygaard asked if they should table the issue until deputy county attorney Jordan Knudsen can look at the documents. Macdonald made the motion to table the issue and Shanks seconded it.

Nygaard presented clerk and recorder/treasurer’s request to purchase three computers for the office. Macdonald explained the office buys three computers every year. He made the motion to approve the purchase and Shanks seconded it.

The commissioners also approved the half-step six-month pay raise for Jeff Adkins. Shanks made the motion to approve the raise and Macdonald seconded it. 

Macdonald announced he had some training in Helena about a DUI task force. He will be approaching people at the next business meeting for a resolution to approve a task force for Roosevelt County. He asked the other commissioners to think about approving a task force.

Shanks asked if there is any money for a task force. Macdonald explained that whenever someone is charged with a DUI and have to pay $200 get their license back, $100 goes to the state general fund and $100 goes to the county. The money that goes back to the county can be used not only to fund the task force, but also for things like compliance checks and advertising.

Macdonald added that he liked what Richland County was doing with their DUI task force which focuses on educating individuals on drinking sensibly as opposed to stopping people from drinking altogether.

The commissioners received a request from Culbertson to appoint a representative from the county commissioners office to their fire/fair/community center committee. Nygaard made a motion to nominate Shanks for the position. Macdonald seconded it.

The commissioners approved Terry Cody returning to the Wolf Point TV District board. Macdonald made the motion to approve appointing Cody to the board and Shanks seconded it.

The commissioners also approved Joy Owen’s resignation from the fair board. Shanks made the motion to accept the resignation. Prior to seconding the motion, Macdonald expressed his appreciation to Owens for her time served.