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Montana Center For The Book Holds Annual Literature Contest


The Montana Center for the Book is sponsoring a Letters About Literature contest for Montana school students from grades four through 12.


To enter the contest, students write a personal letter to an author, alive or deceased, and tell them how that author’s book impacted their life.


Students are encouraged to explore their honest feelings and reactions to the author’s work and inform the author, rather than flatter them. They are also encouraged to not summarize the plot of the book.


The Montana Center for the Book selects the top essay from each of the three competition levels. Writers who are selected will receive prizes and certificates and their essays will advance to the national competition.


The judges will select one National Winner per competition category to receive a $1,000. They will also select one winner per competition level to receive a $200 cash prize.


The deadline for Level 3 entries, grades 9-12, will be Dec. 10. For Level 1 entries, for grades 4-6, and Level 2 entries, grades 7 and 8, the deadline is Jan. 10.


State and national winners are announced in the spring.


Writers, parents or teachers who are looking for more information can go to www.read.gov/letters.