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Commissioners Approve Budget, Basement Remodel, Control Agreement

The Roosevelt County Commissioners approved several items at their Sept. 12 meeting.


The commissioners first approved a Management Control Agreement between the Roose-velt County Sheriff’s Office and the Roosevelt County Courthouse IT Department regarding the Criminal Justice Information Service Security Policy.


The agreement states that a portion of computer systems and network infrastructure interfacing directly or indirectly with the Roosevelt County network for the interstate exchange of criminal history or confidential of criminal justice information, the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office shall have the authority to manage control, to set and enforce priorities for CJIN systems and the standard for the selection, supervision and termination of personnel.


The agreement also states that IT staff must give advanced notice to designated Sheriff’s Office staff prior to known scheduled outages that can affect the systems or computer equipment. Devices and data will be restricted to prevent unauthorized access either by use of computer equipment with CJIN or through the Roosevelt County network.


The commissioners voted between two bid proposals to remodel the Roosevelt County Courthouse basement. The first bid was from Russell Vandercook and the second was from Stan Friesen’s construction company. During discussion, commissioner Gary Macdonald mentioned that Friesen’s quote was less than Vandercook’s. Macdonald also said that Friesen would be able to begin the remodel Sept. 23.


Commissioner Duane Nygaard wondered if they needed the extra space. Commissioner Jim Shanks said the space will be used. Macdonald said that Donna Reum, the county attorney’s secretary, requested to use the space to store tax deeds and road petitions. Shanks said the petitions and deeds should be stored in a secure space.


“You can never have too much storage,” Macdonald said.


The commissioners agreed to give Friesen’s company the contract to remodel the basement.


The commissioners approved the budget for 2013-2014. Macdonald said he thought it turned out to be a good budget. Nygaard said they were cutting several  requests.


They also approved the purchase of a computer for the county attorney and an Enduro Double Door plat cabinet for the courthouse. 


Business Matters

The commissioners approved pay raises for Shane Austin at the Roosevelt County Jail, from G1R4 to G1R5. They also approved a pay raise for Yvette Shields at 911 Dispatch. from G1R6 to G1R7.

The commissioners also approved the hiring of Joe Moore and Curtis Holum for 30 days at the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office, the hiring of Stacy Levi at the Roosevelt County Library and the rehiring of Cathy Dickey to 911 Dispatch.

The commissioners disapproved of health department employee Bev Azure moving to full-time. Macdonald said that if there had been a need to make a request to move the position to full-time, Bonnie Wemmer, former director of the Roosevelt County Health Department, would have done it. He said he wanted to wait until the new supervisor at the health department makes the request. Nygaard also said the request should be denied.


Board Approvals And Resignations

The commissioners approved 11 new people to different boards: Scott Toavs, weed board; Don Gudgell, planning board, Keith Bryan and Joann Stensland, Wolf Point Museum board; Ken Landsrud and Tom Nichols, Wolf Point TV District board; Ken Norgaard and Rick Knick, airport board; Dallas O’Connor, Poplar TV District board; and Debbie McGowan, Hospital District 1 & 9 trustee.


The commissioners also accepted the resignations of Ellen Britton from the library board and Laverne Wiens from the Wolf Point TV District board. Macdonald, Nygaard and Shanks thanked both Britton and Wiens for their service on their respective boards.


Other Matters

At the beginning of the meeting, the commissioners approved the minutes for all the public meetings that took place in August. They also approved the claims for Aug. 22 and Sept. 6.