Wolf Point Herald

Students of the Week - Sept. 11


Each week, the Wolf Point Junior/Senior High School chooses Students of the Week. The honorees for last week are Michael Daniels and Isaac Remington.


Daniels, 12, a seventh-grader, was selected from SFA class as the Student of the Week. He wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He is the son of Heather Lynn Daniels, who is also his role model. He has three siblings: Kevin, eight; Tomas, five; and Lori, three. His favorite subject is science and his favorite teacher is Mr. Stormer. One of his hobbies is collecting pine cones.


Remington, 16, a sophomore, was selected from band class as Student of the Week. His hobby is fishing, his favorite subject is physical education and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Monson. His role model is his grandfather and he has three siblings: Steven, 17; Mary, 12; and Imani, 12. He is the son of Mary Lou Remington.