Wolf Point Herald

Lustre News - Sept. 4


Supporting staff at Lustre Christian High School includes Jean Toews, evening cook; Ron Reddig, boys’ basketball coach; Mary Zerbe, girls’ volleyball coach; Daryl Toews, international representative; Diane Unrau, secretary/treasurer; and Eileen Traeholt, custodian.


Board members serving this year are Martin Fast, chairman; Bill Reddig, vice chairman/transportation; Randy Reddig, secretary/housing; Wilbur Unrau, finance; Bob Brown: yard; Kelly Toews, dorm; and Brad Traeholt: school maintenance.


There are two supporting committees, as well. The dorm committee includes Dawson and Alicia Olfert, Tony and Amy Fast and John and LaVonne Toews. The foundation committee is Keith Unger, Wilbur Unrau and Grant Zerbe.


At the opening ceremonies, Randy Reddig made a brief presentation of the proposed remodeling project that is being considered. The board does not want to borrow the money for the project and is waiting to see what pledges are received. If you are interested in knowing more about the project, contact Randy Reddig.


Heide Yost gave a PowerPoint presentation of the new gradebook program, “Jupiter Grades,” that is being implemented in both  the LCHS and the Lustre Grade School. Parents can log into this website to see how their child(ren) are progressing in school. Any parent who needs more information on this contact the respective school: LGS, Rayna DeSocio; and at LCHS, Heide Yost.