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State Encourages Montanans To Check Local Newspapers For Unclaimed Cash


The Montana Department of Revenue is publishing the names of people who have money or other unclaimed property that the state has been holding for them.


The money was reported to the state between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013.


By law, the department publishes the names of unclaimed property owners in local newspapers. The newspaper listings will appear in more than 30 Montana newspapers between now and mid-November and include owners of unclaimed property who live in the particular geographic region served by the particular newspaper.


For the list of newspaper publication dates, visit www.revenue.mt.gov or call toll free 866-859-2254, in Helena, 406-444-6900.


“The department handles unclaimed property that businesses have turned over to the state and many people are unaware that the state is holding that money for them,” said revenue director Mike Kadas. “With back to school and other costs that come up for people this time of year, the missing money might come in handy, so I encourage people to look for their names in the paper.”


Each year, millions of dollars goes unclaimed. In the last fiscal year, the department received more than $8.5 million from businesses or other holders of unclaimed property. The department processed 4,900 claims and returned $3.7 million to owners. Most of the unclaimed property is money from insurance policy proceeds, uncashed checks, savings accounts, safety deposit box contents, stocks and mutual funds.


The department’s new software application “Click for Cash” makes it easy for people to go online to claim their money, track the status of their claim and have the cash deposited directly into their bank account. Visit www.revenue.mt.gov to access “Click for Cash.” You can also email the department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call toll free 866-859-2254, in Helena, 444-6900, to have us do a search for you.


The money is available indefinitely for owners to claim.