Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Approve Unfinished Business

The Roosevelt County Commissioners  met Aug. 22 to return to some unresolved business that had been tabled from the special meeting they held Aug. 8.


The first matter of unfinished business was whether or not to approve moving Tarrah Poitra at the Roosevelt County Health Department, from part-time to full-time status.


Commissioner Gary Macdonald told Bonnie Wemmer, program director of the Roosevelt County Public Health Department, that he understood moving a nurse from part-time to full-time, but he was unsure about increasing Poitra’s hours because the possible impact it would have on the budget.


Wemmer told Macdonald that she assigned Poitra as the safety representative for her department. She made the request to boost Poitra’s hours because of the increase in the amount of paperwork coming in from Cul-bertson. Wemmer also said Poitra does all of the ordering all for the vaccinations.


Wemmer said Poitra currently works 32 hours in a week and would only be increasing her hours every week by eight.


Macdonald said he had thought Poitra was working half-time and that increasing the hours would affect the budget. He also said he did not have a problem with increasing Poitra’s hours.


After the commissioners approved Wemmer’s request, they touched on the unresolved business of the request for copies of the maps and the documents for the rural water project. Commissioner Duane Nygaard said the commissioners have the maps available for what has been proposed. Bill Juve asked if the maps were available for public viewing. 


The commissioners presented physical copies of the maps to Juve, who then asked the commissioners if they would be getting updates every two weeks. Nygaard said they would probably get updates whenever the company submits a new bid.


Other Matters

At the start of the meeting, the commissioners approved the county/city agreement for the Justice of the Peace secretary.


Similar to the previous year’s agreement, the governing bodies of both the city and the county will use the same county facilities and personnel for the Justice of Peace Court and the City Court, the offices of the Justice of Peace and the City Judge will be held by the same person and both city and county will share equal costs of the judge’s support services, including any cost of living adjustment given by Roosevelt County.


On a final note, the commissioners approved the hire of DW Groethe as a part-time seasonal employee for the road department.


They also approved the minutes for the special meeting that took place Aug. 8 and the claims for Aug. 8, which amounted to $240,246.95.