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Hitchhiker Who Allegedly Shot Himself Granted New Hearing Date

Ray Dolin, the 39-year-old man from Julian, W.V., who allegedly shot himself in an attempt to gain publicity for a book he planned to write with the kindness of people as the focus, has a new plea hearing date, according to The Missoulian.
Dolin had been hitchhiking across the country to generate interest in his project and reportedly told police he had been shot in a drive-by incident outside Glasgow.
A Washington man was originally arrested for the crime before Dolin allegedly admitted he had fabricated the story and had in-fact shot himself.
Following the debacle, Dolin pled not guilty to charges of tampering with evidence, making a false report and obstructing a peace officer.
The Missoulian reported Dolin is set to appear in court on Oct. 29 rather than an earlier date that was originally scheduled. The new date was granted by District Court Judge John McKeon after Dolin’s attorney entered a formal request for a later hearing.