Wolf Point Herald

Letters to the Editor - Aug. 8

Dear Editor:

Registered absentee voters have received an official ballot for the Wolf Point School District #45-45A Mill Levy Propositions election, to be held on Monday, Aug. 12.

The Elementary School District is asking for $100,000 to support general operations. This means a contribution of $36 a year, or $3 a month, from the good citizens of Wolf Point. The High School District is asking for $50,000 to support general operations. That means $10 a year or $0.80 cents per month.  These are based on assuming $100,000 value for a property. 

I ask the good folks of Wolf Point to vote for the mill levy $4 a month investment in our community and schools for the three following reasons:

1. As a government run “by the People, for the People” local control means local investment in the future of a community. Local schools operate on money generated locally which pays for new teachers to replace retirements, pays support staff salaries, supplies, building  and maintenance costs, etc. The costs for all of these increases every month while the Federal government greatly cut money sent to  Native American (and military) schools, known as “874 Money” or “Impact Aid Money”. This reduction was called Sequestration. Whichever side of the aisle we are on does not matter, our schools, a.k.a., our children, our staff, our families, our community lost a large amount of funding for basic operation costs this year.

2. “Oil is coming” we hear daily. We want to encourage economic growth in our community during the next few years. We desire new jobs, new businesses, new homes, new infrastructure projects, growing economic prosperity to arrive and build our community of Wolf Point — not “leap frog” over us to surrounding towns.

Voting for this meager mill levy will tell folks, who may want to move here, buy a home here, get a new job here, start/manage a business here … that Wolf Point supports and promotes excellence in education. It will send a message that Wolf Point takes care of our teachers, students, and facilities and values them. Failure to pass these reasonable mill levies will send the opposite message and reduce growth.

3. Our kids are growing up here, living here and raising families here. We see them every day working at the hospital, health clinic, nursing home, grocery store, retail stores, banks, restaurants,  utilities companies, construction/home improvement companies,  post office, lumber yard,  hardware store, gas stations, automotive repair businesses,  police forces, emergency medical technicians, volunteer firefighters, parcel delivery companies, oil rig workers, teachers, secretaries, bookkeepers, farmers, ranchers, welders, electricians, plumbers, etc.

We want to continue living in a community where workers perform quality jobs, learn and improve as technologies change. This means our children must obtain the education and job skills required, locally.  Reading, writing, mathematics, science, and technology must be supported in the Wolf Point School District by you and I, now.

For $4 to $8 a month, the cost of one meal at McDonald’s or one iced coffee latte, we can build a better future! Let’s send a message to our schools, families, and our future community members that we support quality academic education at all levels in the Wolf Point School District.

Our children’s education is our responsibility, not Washington, D.C.’s.

An estimated 30 years is long enough of failing to approve an increase in local funding for the education of our children.

Please join me in voting for the Elementary and the High School General Fund mill levy propositions for the Wolf Point School District #45-45, on Aug. 12.  The time has come to move ahead and begin working positively toward a better tomorrow for the people of Wolf Point, Montana.


Melanie Ferguson

Wolf Point, MT