Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point Elevators Prepare For Area Wheat Harvest


As people across the United States celebrated Labor Day, the crew at the Farmers Elevator in Wolf Point had been at work, preparing for the wheat harvest.


The Wolf Point/Macon facility, at 219 E. Blaine Street, is one of several Farmers Elevators in northeast Montana that cultivate crops and gets them ready for harvest time.


According to manager James Hardy, the facility is about 60 percent done with the work they need to finish in order to be ready for harvest. He said there had been a late start due to the cool summer and the increase in rain in the previous year.


The process for getting ready for the harvest consisted of several tasks, including catching up on maintenance, planning the freight, cultivating the seed and spraying for weeds. Once it gets dried, crews haul the wheat off the combines.


“A lot of guys bin [the wheat],” Hardy said. “Now, guys have a lot of more bins than they used to. The harvest rush is still there but not like it could have been in years past because our farm storage has greatly increased.”


According to according to manager Jerry Doornek, the Farmers Elevator in Glasgow is nearly done with their work before the harvest. The facility in


Scobey is about 20 percent along in their work.


“We’re getting started with the wheat and the durum,” said Gordy Cromwell, manager of the Sco-bey Farmers Elevator. “There’s a lot to combine down here.” 


Columbia Grain manager Leta Campbell said that Columbia Grain facilities south of the Missouri River are nearly complete. As for the Columbia Grain facilities up north, things are a little bit different.


“Things got started a little bit later,” Campbell said. “The crops were seeded a little bit later.”


The Farmers Elevator facility in Wolf Point runs a fuller crew throughout the year. Although the workers put in a lot of hours prior to harvest, Hardy makes sure to his crew time off before the harvest


“It shows the hard work and dedication the guys give around here,” Hardy said.