Wolf Point Herald

Veterans’ Memorial Committee In High Gear

With the countdown to the groundbreaking ceremony for the Northeast Montana Veterans’ Memorial nearing the buzzer, the committee behind it has shifted into high gear. During the most recent meeting held on Saturday, March 22, a new sense of urgency prevailed.
One of the items discussed was brought up by the committee chairman Steve Page. A survey on the site for the memorial has shown that, from the top of the hill to the bottom, there is a drop of approximately 13 to 14 feet in elevation, which may cause the plans and designs for the memorial to be revisited and reworked.
Due to efforts by committee member Ann Kulczyk, the advertisement for bids, invitation for bids and instructions to bidders will be sent to newspapers in the nine northeast Montana counties for publication. It was also decided that all bidders need to visit the site to get a complete grasp on the vision for the memorial.
A Glasgow robotics club will build a mock-up of the memorial with Legos, which will be completed in time to be on display at the groundbreaking ceremony, which is scheduled for Memorial Day. The head of the club shared, via Ann Kulczyk, that the model will be “liquid” and can be changed as plans are updated and/or completed.
A soil survey has been requested but results have not yet been received. This is a must to ensure that the soil will be able to support the massive memorial.
The roster of speakers and keynote guests at the groundbreaking is expected to include a small group of Wounded Warriors. A 5 to 10K fun run fundraiser has been discussed.
The next meeting was scheduled for April 5 at 1 p.m. at the VFW Club in Glasgow. Veterans and others are encouraged to join this effort to bring this memorial to life for all veterans of all wars.