Wolf Point Herald

Centennial Committee Meeting

The Centennial Committee Meeting held its second meeting on March 11.

A steering committee was chosen. The committee will be headed by Chris Deschaak and Aaron Kurakowa.

A budget committee will be comprised of Duane Kurakowa, Marlene Mahlum and Larry Corns.

The Wolf Point Optimist Club has stepped up and will sponsor a chili and or bar be que cook off and has volunteered to be among the volunteers that will be cleaning up around town over the next several months heading up to the combined Stampede and Centennial celebration in July 2015.

Ideas presented at the first meeting and news ideas were discussed. It was decided that, at this point, a schedule of events for the Stampede must be obtained and that will guide how many events the Centennial committees can host and when to schedule them.

Also discussed and recommended would be the hiring of a part-time person to handle the day-to-day operations as the preparation for the event goes into high gear. Options were discussed and this will be revisited at the next meeting. A fund raiser needs to be held as soon as possible to cover expenses as well as funding a part-time position.

The next meeting will be held on March 25 beginning at 6 p.m.