Wolf Point Herald

Chamber Looks At Items For December Agenda

The Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture held a meeting Nov. 20 at the Sherman Inn to discuss several matters.

Chamber president Jeff Presser thanked everyone for attending on a snowy day.

The meeting began with the chamber approving the minutes of the Nov. 7 meeting. Jan Bryan motioned to accept and Larry Corns seconded it. They also approved the bills with Bryan motioning to accept and Nicole Huber seconding it.

Sabrina Labatte from Bartlett and West, which is working on the Fort Peck Rural Water Project, presented an easement to the chamber for a service line down to the people south of Marvin Brookman Stadium. 

Labatte informed them that the new restrooms use city water. She said they can put in a pasture tap for the restroom. The easement would go across the Stampede grounds and cross the front of Rodeo Road.

Labatte said the contract date is May 1, but workers could like to get started in March or April, depending on the letter and informed Presser the construction inspector would meet with him. Presser asked the size of line and Labatte said it was originally 50 feet but they went down to 30 feet for everyone in the area.

Labatte explained the crew is trying to stay along the border of the properties but the easement is not set in stone and they can move the line. She also said the crew can remove any taps or hydrants the chamber puts there, as long as they still have the federal funding. Labatte explained there will be no billing for the water.

Presser said he would have the chamber look over the easements and bring it up at the next meeting. Labatte said she would need the document signed by Presser, also a corporate resolution or a copy of the chamber’s meeting minutes.

Presser mentioned the chamber was going to put together a hospitality room for the four-team round-robin basketball tournament at the Wolf Point Junior/Senior High School Dec. 13-14. Bryan asked who would be using the hospitality room and Aaron Kurokawa explained that referees, coaches and other volunteers would be using the room.

Paul Gysler announced he is putting together a gaming event at the Elks Club.  Presser added that Gysler will be making a presentation at the next meeting.

Gysler explained the event would be a social gathering for gamers and something to do indoors as the weather gets colder. He added that gaming events are popular in other cities and it is cheap to run the events because gamers bring their own equipment.

“The whole idea is to have events [and] to stay in Wolf Point during the winter,” Gysler said. “A gaming tournament would be a good event for January and February.”

Presser said they will look at Gysler’s presentation see how the chamber can get involved. 

After Gysler was finished with his announcement, Keri Sansaver said she talked to the administration at Wolf Point Junior/High School said the staff would like to help during the tournaments, such as managing the hospitality room. Presser suggested the school staff could also help with the concessions.

Sansaver next brought up the Graduation Matters Montana launch event at the high school Dec. 5 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. She explained the event is a partnership with parents, business owners and community members to help students stay in school graduate and become career-ready. She added that Montana State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau and her staff will be at the event.

Sansaver asked Presser if he would like to do a presentation for the event. There will be presentations by Northside and Southside elementary school personnel and keynote speakers. Students will also be making pledges to graduate from high school.

“It’s a way to bring tribal, businesses. the city, the parents together to show their support for students,” Sansaver said.

After Sansaver’s presentation, the chamber adjourned the meeting. The next chamber meeting will take place Dec. 4.