Wolf Point Herald

Madrigal Celebrates 30th Anniversary


Students of the Wolf Point High School music department, dressed in medieval-era clothes, welcomed guests into the education center of First Lutheran Church, which had been transformed into a medieval feast hall complete with a castle background and banners hanging from the ceiling.

After guests found their seats, Devon Northington, portraying the jester, read from his scroll and proclaimed the feast fit for queen and king. The choir welcomed the arrival of the king and queen,. After the king and queen, played by David Hopson and Alissa Smith, arrived on the stage, members of the royal court made their way down the aisle, bowing to guests along the way.

These were the opening moments of the 30th annual Wolf Point Madrigal Dinner, held Nov. 22-23. The event was directed by Lynne Monson and accompanimened by Sharon Kolstad.

Madrigal Dinner is intended to recapture the spirit of the Yule celebrations of the Elizabethan era. The dinner included traditional songs that are performed at madrigal dinners, such as the Wassail Song and the Boar’s Head Carol. Throughout the evening, several ballads were sang by the choir.

After the performers sang The Blessing, servers brought a dinner, comprised of barbeque pork wings, vegetable kabobs and fresh rolled brots. The servers also served apple tarts for dessert.

In addition to the songs and food, guests were treated to a comedy, titled May the Farce Be With You. The story was about the jester teaming up with a group of heroes, known as The Knights of the Golden Farce, in order to stop Halley’s Comet. During the play, the audience sang along as the group performed Deck the Halls With Wows of Halley as a dragon, played by Kailey Williamson, danced with one of the characters on stage. 

In addition to playing the dragon in the play, Williamson, a senior, helped with serving the food and greeting the guests. She also was responsible with getting the younger students ready for their roles.

“It can be hectic, but it is a lot of fun,” Williamson said. 

Aeryn Martin, a freshman, was one of the Knights of the Golden Farce. In preparation for her role, Martin, as well as the other students portraying the knights, rehearsed their mannerisms and lines to make sure they were ready.

“All of the lines are [constantly] running through our heads,” Martin said.

Besides the play, there was also a short skit titled Medieval Help Desk near the beginning of the dinner that featured Northington and Steven Remington.

After the recessional, the choir bid everyone farewell and walked to the back of the room. Monson thanked everyone for coming and invited them to sing Joy to the World with the choir.