Wolf Point Herald

Animal Control Officer’s Resignation Approved By City Council


The Wolf Point City Council held their monthly public meeting Nov. 18 in the city council chambers.

Special Committee Reports

After the council approved the minutes for the Oct. 12 regular meeting, Tory Matejovsky, of the Great Northern Development Corporation, announced that Jonathan Reed, developer for housing project, purchased the land and was getting everything filed and recorded before traveling to Helena to talk with Low Income Housing.

The developer will be available Thursday to finalize the closing of the deal. The GNDC has almost finished the home application, except for land appraisal.

City Council Election Results

Mayor Dewayne Jager announced the results for city council elections held, Nov. 5. Councilman Christopher Dschaak won the Wolf Point mayoral election.

Councilman Travis Braaten (Ward 1) and Rollie Paulsen (Ward 2) were reelected for four-year terms. Councilwoman Laurie Evans (Ward 1) was selected for an unexpired two-year term.

David Block (Ward 3) and Tina Speed (Ward 4) were elected as write-in candidates.

The new mayor and council members will be sworn into office on or before Jan. 1. With Dschaak taking the position of mayor, there will be a vacancy of his seat (Ward #) on the city council.

Committee Reports

According to the airport committee, Cape Air is scheduled to begin service Dec. 10.

The Assiniboine and Sioux Rural Water Supply easements are in for review for the city and county. Roosevelt County Deputy Attorney Jordan Knudsen is curretly looking at the documents.

The airport committee is also in the process of drafting a grant application for the drainage project. After the drain tile was installed for the new runway, water began seeping through underneath the runway. Public works director Rick Isle explained the issue is waterfoul wanting to land close to the runway, which could damage the airplanes.

Jager announced that Joe Paine had spent the weekend painting over the graffiti in Borge Park. The mayor asked the Wolf Point Police Department to heavily patrol the area.

In light of the recent vandalism at Southside Elementary School, Jager asked WPPD Chief Jeff Harada to have the department patrol around the schools.

Paulsen brought up the police and animal control monthly activity report. In the report, Harada wrote that Scott Swain resigned as animal control officer; however the Pound Puppies group is assisting with animal adoptions.

When Harada was asked about the cross-deputization program, he noted that he attended a cross-deputization meeting with other agencies from Valley and Roosevelt counties, the City of Poplar, Montana Highway Patrol and Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice. Harada mentioned that two-thirds of the tribal police have been commissioned for cross-deputization.

In regards to the blight cleanup, Harada said he spoke with the tribal prosecutor’s office, who referred him to the tribal health safety officer. The WPPD will show the officer several locations around the city.

The council approved the authorization to hire Noberto Aguilar as solid waste maintenance worker II.

The council approved Swain’s resignation as animal control officer, effective Nov. 7. The council also approved the authorization for city clerk/treasurer Marlene Mahlum to advertise for the open animal control officer position and the two open maintenance workers II positions.

City Clerk/Treasurer

Mahlum presented her monthly activity report. She announced the city received another payment of oil severance money. The council approved the treasurer’s cash report for October and the financial reports for September and October.

City Attorney

The council approved the interlocal agreement between the city and Roosevelt County for using the county’s attorney office for legal services to the city, effective Dec. 1. The agreement is subject to approval from the Roosevelt County Commissioners.

Knudsen explained if the county commissioners and city officials have a conflict on an issue, the county attorney’s office is forced to represent the county in the conflict.

If the agreement is approved by the commissioners, it will be effective until June 2014. Jager welcomed Knudsen to the city council and said it is nice to have legal representation at the council meetings.

Public Works Report

Isle presented his monthly report, noting that city maintenance has been trimming trees to prevent the same trouble they had last winter with snow removal.

Other Matters

The council approved the claims and payroll.

The next regular city council meeting will take place Dec. 16.