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Doc 'Z Celebrates Anniversary


Doc Z

Mark Zilkoski announces the winner of the 6:30 p.m. drawing at Doc’Z’s fourth annual Pubapalooza event, Nov. 9. He, along with Mark Sansaver, Jeff Presser, Marvin Presser, Jeff Neubauer and Myrle Zilkoski, originated the idea for the microbrewery, when they were sipping mircobrews on Zilkoski’s front porch. Zilkoski expressed his appreciation to everyone for coming to the celebration.


Jacob Boysun

Jacob Boysun plays the trumpet for Mark Zilkoski and the bandduring an impromptu jam session at Doc’Z Pubapalooza, Nov. 9. Boysun is a member of the Wolf Point Junior High band, who played their first concert, Oct. 22. Boysun later got a chance to play with Zikoski and band that evening.



Mark Sansaver

Mark Sansaver, one of the owners of Doc’Z microbrewery, sings the chorus from Ghost Riders In the Sky. Sansaver was one of several people who attended Doc’Z’s fourth annual Pubapalooza event, Nov. 9.