Wolf Point Herald

Chamber To Help With Several Projects

The Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture held a meeting Nov. 6 at the Sherman Inn to discuss several items.

After chamber president Jeff Presser welcomed everyone to the meeting, the chamber approved the minutes of the Oct. 16 meeting. Jan Bryan made the motion to approve the minutes and Nicole Huber seconded it. 

Presser next asked for a motion to approve the outstanding bills. Huber made the motion, which Larry Corns seconded.

Presser said the chamber is donating money from the tournament account to the high school toward the purchase of a washer and dryer to clean uniforms.

After Presser’s announcement, Duane Kurokawa explained that three men from Glasgow came to talk to him about the Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Project that is scheduled to be built in the town of Fort Peck.

The plan is to build of a memorial dedicated to veterans from northeast Montana. He said the group has selected Flag Pole Park for the monument’s location.

Kurokawa explained the group is wanting to fund the project from local residents and sponsors and not use state or federal funding. He said the group is looking to raise $250,000 for the flatwork and another $50,000 for the rest of the costs.

Once the group has the funding for the flatwork, they will approach corporations and sponsors for the rest of the funding.

According to Kurokawa, the design work is already done and the monument will be outside, which reduces the cost of maintenance.

The men from the project approached the chamber to help spread the word about the monument and the fundraiser by issuing brochures and donation cards .

Presser said the chamber could send out an email to allow people to contact the project and donate money directly. Kurokawa asked about sending out hard copies of the brochure. Presser said to get him a digital copy of the brochure.

Beth Pickthorn asked about the details regarding the Parade of Lights, Dec. 6. Presser answered that the Lions Club has discussed serving chili.

Pickthron announced the Northeast Montana Health Services will be holding a Christmas tree decorating contest, pictures with Santa Claus and a giving tree with toys for foster children.

Representing the tournament committee, Jerald Petersen announced several upcoming basketball tournaments to be held at Wolf Point Junior/Senior High School. The first one will be an event featuring tournaments of both boys’ and girls’ junior varsity and varsity teams from four different schools including round robin tournament that will happen Dec. 13-14.

The second event will be basketball tournaments for 3C boys’ and girls’ from eight different schools, Feb. 20-22. That same weekend the Wolf Point High School boys’ and girls’ basketball teams will be competing in the district tournament in Malta.

One week after the 3C boys’ and girls’ tournaments, Wolf Point will host the Eastern C Divisional boys’ and girls’ basketball tournaments, Feb. 26 to March 1. That same weekend, the Wolf Point boys’ basketball team is scheduled to play in the divisional tournament in Glasgow.

Petersen mentioned he would like to find volunteers for the tournament and plan a large hospitality rooms for the tournaments.

In regards to the district volleyball tournament, Nov. 1-2, Petersen expressed his appreciation to the volunteers who helped at the event and said the hospitality room was successful.

Once Petersen was finished, Presser said he visited with City of Wolf Point public works director Rick Isle about providing a street sweeper to clean the underpass. Presser explained the city can provide the equipment, but the chamber would need to find an operator. He added that if they can find the operator that person would work for the city. The city would bill the State of Montana, which would reimburse the city.

Petersen said the street sweeper would clean the underpass and Main Street twice a week. He said if the chamber began looking for an operator, they could have the street sweeper ready by spring.

Presser added he attended a meeting on the housing project and it sounded like there could be groundbreaking in the spring.

The last thing Presser talked about was having the chamber talk with the Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe Railroad about developing the land by the railroad owned by the chamber. Presser said his father suggested the chamber contact the BNSF and inform them the chamber is willing to look at proposals for development on the site and look at any options that they present.

The next chamber meeting will take place Nov. 20.