Wolf Point Herald

Frazer School District Locks Down School After Threats

Frazer School District issued a statement that announced the school went into lockdown for two hours Tuesday, Nov. 5, after a few students received threats through text messages.

Due to the nature of the threats, the school contacted law enforcement, the parents of the students who received threats and the school board.

During the investigation, the school and officers from the Fort Peck Department of Law and Justice learned that the threat had come from a student attending school in a different county. The school has received information that the student who issued the threats has since apologized and deemed the action as “just a joke.”

Law enforcement and Frazer School staff determined the students and staff are not in danger.

The school requested that law enforcement pursue charges against the people responsible for the threat that caused the student body and their parents to feel threatened and forced the school to go into lockdown, which affected teacher instruction and student learning.