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Z Radio Hits Airwaves Every Sunday


Radio fans looking for a station to listen to on Sunday nights can tune into Z Radio, which airs every Sunday at 7 p.m. at thezradio.net.

With a target audience of teens and young adults, Z Radio plays hip-hop, rock and pop music that is uplifting and positive. Portions of the show are dedicated to sharing a positive message in addition to the music.

Harold Eggar, also known as the disc jockey and musician RoseyRold, created Z Radio in August 2011.

A fan of radio since he was a child, Eggar and his brother Jeremiah would record their voices on tape, pretending they were radio hosts. One day, Harold asked his brother if he wanted to do a radio show together. Harold focuses on the music and Jeremiah handles the talking part.

Harold said he wanted to bring uplifting music and biblical aspects to the radio.

Jeremiah said he had listened to many genres of music growing up and found a lot of songs had negative lyrics. Although he dragged his feet at first, Jeremiah jumped on board to help with the show.

Bill Pew, drop-in host for the show, and Harold and Jeremiah's uncle, started with the program a year ago to do the devotional part of the show. After he helped with the show the first time, Pew continued to come back. He said he liked the possibility of saying the things that need to be heard by others.

“It’s a positive way to express Godly views and make a good impression and make somebody with a positive thought rather than being in the negative all of the time,” Pew said.

Josh Kelly is another guest host on Z Radio. When he moved to the area, Harold approached him about being on the show. Although he is not in Wolf Point a lot, he does sit in on the show when he is in town. Kelly said the show is different in that it’s not someone just reading the Bible and giving a message.

“A major part of the show is getting people to think about what they believe, why they believe it and how they know they are right,” Kelly said

Jeremiah said he enjoys having Kelly and Pew on the show as the program turns into more of a conversational lesson than him only reading from the Bible. Harold said listeners have told him they have been enjoyed listening to the conversations Kelly, Pew and Jeremiah.

In addition to streaming online, Z Radio has aired in Europe. After he responded to an ad looking for radio shows and submitting an episode, Z Radio was played in the U.K. for a year. The show currently plays on HootRadio, a radio station based out of Chicago, Ill. HootRadio is aimed at supporting soldiers and first responders.

Although Harold has dropped hints about the show, he doesn’t advertise the show too much. Kelly said the radio show is a way to reach out to others beyond the community of Wolf Point.

According to Kelly, most of the feedback is questions listeners had or the things they learned from the show. He also said by putting themselves out there, it gives them a chance to break out reservations that people have about preaching the gospel.

“People see it as ‘[the hosts] back up for what they say, they don’t ask for anything, they back up what they say and they still have a good attitude,” Kelly said.

One way the hosts reach out to fans is by posting a question on their Facebook page. They also allow listeners to call into the show.

Pew said he and the other hosts appreciate each other. He, Harold and Jeremiah presented Kelly, who will be moving way, with a certificate for his contributions to Z Radio.

Jeremiah said the show has not only been outreach for others, but also an internal outreach for the hosts.

“[The show is] also a good educational thing for the people doing it,” Jeremiah said. “It’s a good spiritual growth time for us.”