Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Plan To Fix County Roads

Roosevelt County Commissioners Duane Nygaard and Jim Shanks held a public meeting Oct. 31 at the courthouse to discuss several matters.

The commissioners began the meeting by approving the minutes of the Oct. 10 public meeting and the tax deed sale that followed.

During public comment, Bill Juve said the roads around the courthouse are in poor condition and would get in worse shape in the spring if nothing is done to fix them. He asked if the commissioners could dedicate some funding, equipment and time to fill the holes. Juve added that the road leading to Marvin Brookman Stadium is also in need of repairs.

Juve said there is equipment and material available to fix the roads and that it would not take long to patch the holes. He said he would like to see the matter handled of before July 2014.

Nygaard said there is a Capital Improvements account that allocates funds for road repairs. He mentioned there has been maintenance repeatedly done to the roads in the past and the county has had to continually repair the road. Juve said every small repair helps.

Nygaard said he would get workers to fix the roads and thanked Juve for keeping the commissioners informed about the condition of the roads. Juve thanked the commissioners for their time.

After public comment, the commissioners approved the renewal for the Insurance Inmate Program. Shanks said it was a renewal of a former policy. They also approved the claims for the dates of Oct. 10, Oct. 24 and Oct. 28.

In business matters, Shanks and Nygaard approved the hiring of Phoebe Jensen as a part-time cook for aging services.

The commissioners received a request from the weed department to purchase a new truck to use for spraying weeds in the spring. The county received bids from Northern Prairie Auto Sales and Fox Ford Inc. Nygaard asked for a motion accept the bid from Fox Ford Inc. Shanks made a motion to approve the bid and Nygaard seconded it.

The commissioners also received a request from the maintenance department to purchase a snow blower. The county received bids from Farmers Union Lumber True Value and Eddy Bauer Sales. Nygaard suggested they accept the bid from Eddy Bauer Sales. Shanks made the motion to approve the bid and Nygaard seconded it.