Wolf Point Herald

NEMHS Gets $20,000 For 4D Ultrasound

The Northeast Montana Health Services Charitable Foundation presented the Northeast Montana Health Services governing board with a check for $20,000 as part of their $65,000 pledge to donate toward an already-purchased 4D Ultrasound. Last year, they presented the board with a check for $25,000 and have pledged an additional $20,000 in the future. Attending the presentation were (left to right) Cheri’ Nygard, foundation secretary; Rodney Paulson, foundation director;, Sharon Bravard, governing board member; Brad Moran, foundation director; Rosie Kurokawa, foundation vice chairperson; Dallas O’Conner, governing board vice chairperson; Beth Pickthorn, foundation executive director; Shane Gibson, governing board member; Shelly Isle, governing board member; Mary Nesbit, foundation chairperson; Cleo Cagle, NEMHS chief financial officer; and Tom Ault, governing board chairperson.