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Community Notes - Nov. 6

Happy Birthday, Vera Mae! From Teresa and Chief


Thank You

I found this message from Pam Ruffing the night before her memorial service and I'm sure she would like to have it in the paper, her words:

Special friends to acknowledge: Alanne Ryan, Nancy Sietsema, Siri Peterson, Cindy Stensland, Vollie Lambert, Kelli Vine, JaDee Braaten, Bev Elgie, Pam Clark, Pat Will, Suzy Will, Judy Cleveland, Melissa Cromwell, Stacey DeWitt Martinez, Chris Martinez, Sansaver families: (Ross, Kari, Noel, Mark and Kelli). There are so many wonderful friends that helped in so many ways, whether it was fund raising, spiritual, financial or just a card, call or meal, it has been truly appreciated. Sorry if there are names not mentioned as the outreach of this community has been so large that it is hard to be sure you are all mentioned but I know you know in your hearts the roles each of you have played in my life and I thank you for that.

Pam Ruffing

Submitted by her mother, Ruby Wagner



The A.T. Stafne Campaign would like to take this opportunity to thank the Fort Peck Reservation public for their support in the 2013 Tribal Elections.  We would like to state a big thank you to the voters of each community who came out, listened and placed their confidence and trust in this administration.

As stated, we will do everything we can to look after the interests and well-being of this beautiful Indian reservation. We will do our best to act on all issues to protect our residents. There will be many issues where change cannot happen simply through discussion, due to what may be constitutionally or legislatively preventive and which may require policy revision. These issues will require far more detailed approach and a united decision to advocate change 

The Fort Peck Tribes have gained a Tribal Council that will enhance our infrastructure and who will also fight for services to protect our historic and cultural heritage.  This means that we are now in a position to start to make a difference within each community and the hard work really begins today!

These two years should prove to be exciting as we have many new faces and fresh ideas, coupled with energy and enthusiasm! We are looking forward to serving the communities of this reservation that help to make this reservation a quality place to live and to bring up our children.

To all the businesses that assisted with our campaign — The Herald-News, The Journal, KVCK, SilverWolf Casino, Stockman's 220 Club, The Legion Club, Steve Smith, the United Dakota Church  — your support is greatly appreciated. To all of our contributors, near and far, your donations were so much appreciated.  To all of the orators, sound techs, drum groups, a huge thank you. Also, to the cooks, our loyal supporters who are too numerous to mention, please allow us to publicly thank you.



A huge thank you to the following programs and individuals for assisting with the haunted house in the Wolf Point community:

First Lutheran Church, Fort Peck Housing Youth Rec., Wolf Point Community Organization, Fort Peck Tribal Health  , The Foote Family, The Atchico Family, The Runsthrough Family, Alicia Ayers, Jeramy Harrington, Coy Azure, Cami Azure and thank you to all the community members that showed support and attended!

$1-          Tobacco Prevention Program

      Brett Mudgett       Brittany Martell