Wolf Point Herald

Thank Yous - Oct. 23

The family of Mary Reddig would like to thank the Valley View Home staff, Pastor Jay Ashbaucher, friends, and family for all your kindness and expressions of sympathy.  The visits, flowers, and meals provided for us were greatly appreciated!


The Wehbe family would like to issue a sincere thank you to everyone who assisted us during and after our house, garage and vehicles burned last week.

The Wolf Point Fire Department, all local law enforcement agencies, EMS and 911 dispatch all showed unparalleled professionalism, timeliness, kindness and valor. Because of the firefighters’ quick response, a great portion of our belongings were not lost to fire and were able to be salvaged. A special thank you to the firefighter who wrapped up our terrified, soaking wet cat in a blanket and placed her safely in our arms. We were very worried she’d been lost to flames and we were touched by that special above-and-beyond gesture. EMS and the police department were also there with us the entire time and ensured we had blankets, warm clothes and shoes as we had run out into the cold morning in just our pajamas.

Words cannot describe our gratitude to the Karge family for not hesitating to open their doors to us. They even shooed us in as the fire was still burning and would not take ‘no’ for an answer. Also, a tremendous thank you to everyone who supplied us with food and home-cooked meals during the week afterwards. It is such a comforting feeling knowing that in the midst of such chaos, there can be a bit of consistency. Comments the family made about the meals, such as “the people who made this should open a restaurant,” caused a little jealousy from the daughter, who is an aspiring cook, but she will let it slide, all things considered.

Lastly, the kindness of our friends, neighbors and coworkers has been truly humbling. It is the thoughtfulness of people in the Wolf Point community that makes losing one’s house to fire seem like just a run-of-the-mill bad day and not a catastrophic event. We could not have survived physically or mentally intact if it wasn’t for the generosity of others so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our family would like to thank all the people who shared words of comfort in condolence cards, phone calls, emails and Facebook messages during the loss of our dear brother Russell H. Red Elk. Thanks to the ambulance crew, hospital, tribal and city police, mortuary and all who attended during the funeral. Our brother touched so many lives here and across the country. He was loved, will be missed and is in the spirit world. With the support of family and friends, we were sustained and uplifted by prayer, honor songs, ceremony, food and flowers.
Pidamaya (thank you).
Celeste, Lois,
Iris and Elaine


Thank you to the Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department for coming to help with the grass fire on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Poplar Volunteer Fire Department