Wolf Point Herald

Counselor's Corner - Oct. 23

Oct. 23-31 is recognized nationally as Red Ribbon Week and the theme this year is “A Healthy Me is Drug-Free.”

At the Wolf Point Schools, we want to let students know about the dangers of drugs and encourage a drug-free life style. 

At Southside Elementary School, teachers will be doing various activities in their classrooms throughout the week.

On Monday, all students will receive red ribbons and make drug-free posters to display. On Tuesday, it is “Dress Your Best Day” and the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office will do a presentation for students at 1 p.m. Wednesday is “Red Out” and everyone is encouraged to wear red. Teachers will have the option to do a neighborhood walk and display their posters.  On Thursday, students can wear pajamas because we want them to “follow their dreams by not doing drugs.”

We are looking forward to a fun and excited week for all students!