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National Honor Society Welcomes New Members

honor society

Family members and teachers sat in the audience as 10 students on stage were being inducted into the Wolf Point High School chapter of the National Honors Society.

The induction ceremony was held in the Wolf Point High School auditorium, Oct. 1.

Mike MacDonald was guest speaker at the ceremony. He informed the inductees that being a member of the honor society was more than a reward for being a good scholar. He said being a member was also about serving the community.

MacDonald also made reference to Alexis de Tocqueville’s book Democracy in America and explained the importance of civil organizations in society. He told the students to look at how an organization, like the Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede committee, puts on a large event, like the rodeo, every year.

The speaker also spoke about the decline of organizations in the country and asked students to think about the consequences of what would happen if no one decided to be involved with the committee. He then presented a similar situation with the volunteer fire department and asked students to imagine what it would be like if no one chose to devote their time at the fire department.

MacDonald ended his speech by suggesting the students ask themselves the question, “How can I make my community better?”

Once MacDonald was finished, the current members of Wolf Point’s Honor Society lit candles that represented scholarship, leadership, character and service, the characteristics of the honor society. Each member who lit a candle recited the description of that characteristic.

After the candles were lit, current society members and inductees recited the society’s pledge. Sarah Hafner presented the newest members of the National Honor Society to the audience. Wolf Point High School assistant principal Brett Scott welcomed the new members on behalf of the staff and faculty.

After the ceremony, there was a dinner held in the high school multi-purpose room in honor of the new members.

Junior Ashley Page said being inducted in the honor society was a big accomplishment for her. She also said she looks forward to helping her community.

Junior Sierra Hanks also said getting chosen to be a part of the society was both an honor and a privilege.

“I hope we do good things this year,” Hanks said.

The 10 new National Honor Society members are: Sonica Archdale, daughter of Annette Linder; Ky’Anna Broesder, daughter of Kasey Garrett; Sierra Hanks, daughter of Michael and LaRae Hanks; Christean Holen, daughter of Chris and LaToya Holen; Mecalia Martin, daughter of Cam and Jodi Martin; Ashley Page, daughter of R.C. and Joelle Page; Erin Presser, daughter of Jeff Presser and Patty Presser; Thea Smith, daughter of Craig and Leanne Smith; Danielle Vermette, daughter of Deborah Vandall; and Gabrielle Wozinak, daughter of Jeff and Loretta Wozinak.