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Wolf Point Citizens Can Help With Breast Cancer Awareness Research

October is breast cancer awareness month and there are several ways people can help contribute to research to eliminate breast cancer.


1. Purchase Products With A Pink Ribbon On Them.

When you are doing your grocery shopping, keep an eye out on different products and items with a little pink ribbon on the front. Products that display the ribbon donate a portion of their proceeds to research.


Stores like Albertsons and ALCO have several products for sale that contribute part of their proceeds toward breast cancer research. Yoplait yogurt has their “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign from September through December. Customers who purchase Yoplait can redeem their pink foil lids. For every lid that is redeemed, the company donates 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 


2. Get Mammograms At Your Local Health Institute.

Mammograms can help detect lumps, malignant tumors or other signs of breast cancer.

Wolf Point residents can schedule an appointment for a mammogram at Northeast Montana Health Services - Trinity Hospital.


Don’t just get a mammogram for yourself, but inform your friends and relatives, female and male, about getting a checkup, especially if there is breast cancer in your family’s medical history.


3. Participate In Events That Relate To Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Another way to help with breast cancer awareness month is by participating in an event that raises money toward breast cancer research. Several organizations hold fundraisers throughout the year.


The event could a marathon race where donations are collected and go toward research. The event could also be an event with vendors who give information on breast cancer research and sell products


Northeast Montana Health Services recently partnered with the Wolf Point Stampede and Mike’s Hard Lemonade and held the “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” event, which raised money to support digital mammography in the radiology department at Trinity Hospital. NEMHS will also be holding their second Pink Night Out fundraiser Oct. 21 at the Elks Club in Wolf Point. 


Another way to help is to donate your time and volunteer at these events.


4. Donate To A Charity.

Some of the charities that donate to Breast Cancer Awareness include: the Komen Foundation, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., and Living Beyond Cancer. You can go to their websites and make donations that way. Many of these donations are tax deductible.