Wolf Point Herald

Nemont Wireless Continues To Expand And Improve Network


In order to improve and expand wireless service in northeast Montana, Nemont has completed a number of network upgrades which expanded wireless coverage and improved mobile data speeds.


The benefits delivered by these upgrades include reduced dropped calls between markets and enhanced 3G mobile data speeds.


New 3G towers have been built in the following Montana markets:

•Wolf Point





Many existing sites will be upgraded this fall to improve coverage and mobile data speeds in the following markets:


•North Nashua


•North Poplar RY

•North Poplar

•South Flaxville



To further expand the mobile data network, all North Dakota towers were upgraded to 3G in 2013. As a result, the Nemont 3G Wireless network is available from as far east as Crosby, N.D., to as far west as Sleeping Buffalo.


If your travel plans carry you outside Montana and northwest North Dakota, our 3G service is available in all 50 states through partnerships with nationwide providers.