Wolf Point Herald

Weyrauch Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges


Jarod Joseph Weyrauch was arraigned in Montana 15th Judicial Court Sept. 11 and pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of criminal possession of dangerous drugs.


According to court documents, July 3, Wolf Point City Police Officer Joseph Olsen responded to Custer Street for a report of a disturbance. When he arrived, three suspects fled northbound on foot.


Olsen and Fort Peck Department of Law and Justice Lieutenant James Summers were in an alley between Benton and Custer streets. They heard loud noises coming from a disturbance.


Olsen noticed a male, whom he knew as Jarod Weyrauch, sitting at a table with the door wide open, putting what appeared to be a straw in his nose and snort a substance off the dining room table.


As Olsen and Summers approached the residence, they identified another male, David Moran. Olsen approached the door and asked Weyrauch to turn off his music. Weyrauch did so. As Weyrauch spoke to officers, he grabbed a small Ziploc bag off the table and crumpled it in his hand.


When asked by officers, Weyrauch placed the baggie back on the table. The baggie contained a white substance. A small mirror with white residue, a straw and a pipe commonly used for marijuana were also on the table. These items were seized as evidence.


The white substance was field-tested with a Narcotic Identification System, which confirmed the substance was methamphetamine.


Weyrauch was arrested and transported to the Roosevelt County Detention Center for processing. He later posted a $25,000 bond imposed by the court.


Prior to plea, attorney Cynthia Thorton said Weyrauch filed a request to have his bond reduced and to be released with an ankle monitor.


Roosevelt County Attorney Ralph Patch said that he did not think the ankle monitor would help and that those type of devices could be easily removed. The court also ordered for the bond to remain at $25,000.


Thorton said she thinks Weyrauch will not leave due to his ties to the community. District Court Judge David Cybulski said Weyrauch will be put on a 24/7 monitoring system with random drug testing. If Weyrauch fails any drug test, the bond will be raised to $100,000.


Weyrauch’s omnibus hearing is set for Sept. 25 and his trial is scheduled for Nov. 14.