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Hauso Changes Plea To Guilty On Assault Charge


John Hauso appeared in Montana 15th Judicial Court Aug. 28 to change his plea from not guilty to guilty on the misdemeanor charge of partner/family member assault.


According to court documents, Hauso, Roosevelt County Attorney Ralph Patch and defense attorney Terrance Toavs have agreed to allow Hauso to plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge of partner/ family member assault and dismiss the felony charge of assault on a minor.


According to charging documents, Christina Hughes, a caseworker with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Child Enforcement Division, contacted the Roosevelt County/Fort Peck Tribes 911 Dispatch Center requesting to speak with a deputy regarding a welfare check on children in Bainville.


Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Deputy Clay McGeshick made contact with Hughes and proceeded to 139 Road 2061 near


Bainville and made contact with Awniwake Robinson.


He observed two marks on Robinson’s forehead. Robinson told the deputy that her husband, identified as John T. Hauso, hit her 12-year-old son and said the incident occurred a week before she learned about it.


Robinson began to cry again and stated she was scared of Hauso and was planning on leaving.


McGeshick noticed bruising on the 12-year-old’s arm. The 12-year-old stated that Hauso had hit him at least 20 times on the date of May 16. He also said the assault happened in Hauso’s truck while they were on their way to get his mother.


McGeshick asked Robinson about the injuries to her forehead. Robinson said that she and Hauso had been fighting for a week and that it had been happening for a long time, getting worse and worse. She also said she had marks and bruises all over her body.


Charging documents stated that Robinson said Hauso had stopped taking his medication for his bipolar disorder and had previously assaulted her son.


Hauso was located by Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Baker later in the evening. He was arrested for the assaults and incarcerated at the Roosevelt County Detention Center. He posted the bond of $11,000. 


During the hearing to change Hauso’s plea, Toavs asked Hauso a series of questions. Judge David Cybulski agreed that Hauso was making his plea of his own accord.


Toavs recommended Hauso serve six months probation. He also recommended Hauso attend counseling classes for anger management, pay a fine of $1,000, with $500 suspended and no credit for time served, which the court accepted.


Hauso must send a letter to the clerk of court in five months regarding his counseling.