Wolf Point Herald

Benton Changes Plea To Guilty After Accepting Plea Agreement


Jesse Steven Benton appeared in Montana 15th Judicial Court Aug. 28.


In an agreement between Benton, Roosevelt County Attorney Ralph Patch and defense attorney Frank Picocos, Benton revoked his previous plea of not guilty to the felony charge of assaulting a peace officer and the misdemeanor charges of partner/family member assault and escape and changed his plea to guilty in the wake of a plea agreement.


Patch made a motion to dismiss the charge of resisting arrest.


Benton had been arrested July 26 on the charges listed above. He had originally pleaded to not guilty to all of the charges at his arraignment, Aug. 14.


After Picocos asked Benton a series of questions, Judge David Cybulski agreed that Benton had competent counsel.


The plea agreement is not binding and a pre-sentence investigation is ongoing. Benton is also allowed to make contact with the victim.