Wolf Point Herald

WPHS Students Benefit Chemotherapy Room


Northeast Montana Health Services Charitable Foundation recently received a monetary donation from the Wolf Point High School Student Council members following a class project geared toward giving back to the community.


The contribution collected last year made it possible to purchase a stereo/mp3 player and bookshelf for the chemo and infusion therapy room, allowing patients to listen to music while they receive their treatments.


“The school felt it was important to give back to the community because they give so much to us throughout the school year. It’s important for us to support them because they always support us,” said Katie Page, a 2013 WPHS graduate and former secretary for student council.


The students raised the money after collecting $1 from students who wanted to wear hats to school and from teachers who wanted to wear jeans every other Thursday. Each month, the class selected a local organization to benefit from the money raised. 


“We thought it was important to give back to Northeast Montana Health Services because a lot of their patients are the same people who come to our events and cheer us on,” said Sarah Hafner, a senior and treasurer for student council.


In the past, the student council has also donated to other organizations such as the City of Wolf Point’s Beautification Committee, Angel Tree Project, Post Prom, local WPEA Scholarship Fund, Girl Scouts, the Wolf Point Soccer Association and the Boys and Girls Club.


“I was very impressed with how serious all of the students took this. If they choose to wear a hat on the designated days they reported to the front office to give their dollar. I am extremely proud of all of them,” said Melissa Cromwell, student council advisor.