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Girl Scouts Prepare For New Year


Dozens of girls and their parents went to Borge Park to sign up for Wolf Point Girl Scouts


Families who missed the barbecue can still sign up at the first two meetings, which will be held Sept. 9 and Sept. 16 at the Immaculate Conception Parish, located at 513 Dawson Street. The church will also be the place for regular Girl Scouts meetings, which will be held  first and third Mondays of every month.


Ann Landsrud is one of the leaders. She has been a troop leader for nine years and has been involved in Girl Scouts since second- grade.


Landsrud said Girl Scouts encourages girls that anything is possible and helps prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow. 


One of the ways Girl Scouts has been preparing girls is to become the leaders of the future is to have them participate in National Leadership Journeys, which has them focus on learning the fundamentals about Girl Scouts and having them discover their talents and confidence, connect with others and take action in their community. 


Angelica Sutton, 10, has been in Girl Scouts for four years. She said girls pick the journey series at the beginning of the year.Once the girls have picked the journey, they will work on projects and activities relating to that particular journey throughout the year.


“Every journey gets you different badges,” Sutton said.


Sutton’s Journey revolved around trying new things. They went to the First Lutheran Church and made food.


“It’s about having them focus on the world as a whole and making it a better place,” Landsrud said.


In addition to instilling girls with values to help them become leaders, being a part of Girl Scouts also provides them with opportunities to travel around and outside the United States.


The Girl Scouts will have their annual fall candy, nuts and magazine sale, beginning Oct. 12.


There are currently four Girl Scouts troops: Daisies are kindergarten and first graders, Brownies are second and third graders, Juniors are fourth and fifth graders and Cadettes are sixth, seventh and eighth graders.


“Last year was the first year we had a Cadette troop,” Landsrud. “I remember when my 22-year-old [daughter] was in Girl Scouts and there wasn’t a Cadette troop either. It had been about a good 20 years since we had a Cadette troop. We’re excited about the growth and retaining the girls.”


Sutton said when a girl first becomes a cadette, they pick a trip at the beginning of the year. They will raise money toward that trip for the next three years.


Landsrud also said high school students can also join Girl Scouts.


According to Joy Wolff, 10, who has been in Girl Scouts for five years, troops also engage in community service such as picking up garbage.


“We started at the church by Git-and-Go and we went to the Northside [School] and down to the Old Town Grill,” Wolff said.



Meetings are every first and third Monday of the month at Immaculate Conception Parish, 513 N. Dawson Street, at 6 p.m. If you would like to sign up and cannot make the Sept. 9 or Sept. 16 meetings, you can contact Ann Landsrud at 650-8209. You can also visit Wolf Point Girl Scouts Facebook Page.