Wolf Point Herald

School Board Gets Ready For New School Year


The Wolf Point School District board of trustees held a meeting, on Aug. 13, to approve several items for the beginning of the school year.

The board approved the minutes of the board meetings that took place on June 11, June 25, July 1, July 15 and July 22. They approved the warrant registers and claims against the districts.

In business matters, the trustees looked at the purchase orders of several items such as the housing and maintaining of Black Mountain Software, the annual maintenance contract of Professional Computer Services, steamer repair by Gary Brink, Inc. and the replacement and purchase of an office work station at the north office, which will be set up by Will’s Office World. The total cost of the order will be $31,646.76. The office work station will be funded with the Deferred Maintenance Grant in Fund 115.

Board member Janice Wemmer-Kegley asked about the steamer repair. Superintendent Joe Paine said the steamers in the kitchen are cleaned every year. The reason for the repair is the filter that catches lime deposits in one of the steamers was bypassed and lime deposits ended built up in one of the steamers, which caused it not to function. He also said that the district has one working steamer but if it went down they would have no working steamers.

The board also approved the hire of several new personnel, pending background checks: Katie Hari as the head cheer coach, Shanna Hopson as a teacher for Southside Elementary School, Kim Azure as a custodian for Northside Elementary School, Patricia Toavs as a concession stand manager and co-special education director, Kim Hanks as a co-special education director, Jeff Whitmus as a junior high football assistant coach, Brent Boitano and Walker Weeks as high school football assistant coaches, Mike Erickson as transportation director and activities director, Dawn Garfield for adult education, Lynne Monson for National Honor Society advisor and KD Madison as junior class advisor.

The board also approved tuition agreements for the students coming from McCone County, the review and approval of policy 2100P. Paine said the policy needs to be approved every year and that he would like to get a committee together and condense and modify the policy to help students and faculty understand it.

Paine presented the MTSBA Custom Policy Manual for a second reading. He said he made some changes to the wording of positions, legislature and disaster drills such as instead of having a drill for avalanches, they would have a drill for floods.

The superintendent was seeking the approval to apply for the quality grant to help improve the parking lots. He said there is a planning grant for $25,000 for each district. Since Wolf Point makes up two districts, they could get $50,000. Paine also requested $12,500 to go toward planning for the project and contacting an architect. The board of trustees approved this.

The trustees approved the results of the Aug. 12 election regarding the mill levies for the high school and elementary schools, which were both rejected with votes of 222-201 and 188-186, respectively.

In addition to the approved items, several school officials attended the meeting to give reports on the upcoming year.

Southside Elementary School principal Susan Brown said they were getting ready for the school year with training held during the summer. She said they had 40 to 50 students attend summer school, with 58 students receiving carnival passes for attending 90 percent of the term.

Brown reported there were four new teachers with three out of the four growing up in Wolf Point.

Northside Elementary School principal Hannah Nieskens said Northside also welcomed new teachers, as well as a transfer from the high school, to the staff.

Wolf Point High School principal Kim Hanks also talked about the training with the staff. She also said she would be welcoming five new staff members to the junior high school.

Paine talked about the recent levy elections. Although it was defeated, Paine said the vote was closer this year than last year. He thanked the board and the staff and said the community is showing support due to the school being able to trim the budget the last couple of years.

“If we can continue to do that, we will continue to gain their support,” Paine said. “I’m looking forward to the levy next year. I’m very optimistic about that.”

On a final note, Paine said he talked to the state and learned that 35 students successfully complete the driver’s education program and Eric Peterson completed his certification and will be able to teach drivers education.

With the fees and reimbursement, the program profited $2,800, which will go into a fund to build toward transportation and driver’s education materials.


Special Meeting

The board held a special meeting to approve the budgets for the elementary school and the high school for the 2013-14 school year, Aug. 19.

On this date, they also approved purchase orders for a web-based MAP Assessments and Science Assessments from Northwest Evaluation Association and internet filtering service and an open enterprise subscription from OpenDNS Inc.