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Stand Down To Assist Homeless Veterans


The Region 5 Job Service Workforce Centers, (Miles City, Glasgow, Wolf Point, Sidney and Glendive offices), in cooperation with the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes and Action for Eastern Montana, will be hosting a Veterans Stand Down in Poplar Sept. 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Cultural Center.


What is a Stand Down?

In times of war, exhausted combat units requiring time to rest and recover were removed from the battlefields to a place of relative security and safety. At secure base camp areas, troops were able to take care of personal hygiene, get clean uniforms, enjoy warm meals, receive medical and dental care, mail and receive letters, and enjoy the camaraderie of friends in a safe environment.

Today, Stand Down refers to a grassroots, community-based intervention program designed to help the nation’s estimated 200,000 homeless veterans “combat” life on the streets. Homeless veterans are brought together in a single location for one to three days and are provided access to the community resources needed to begin addressing their individual problems and rebuilding their lives.

In the military, Stand Down afforded battle-weary soldiers the opportunity to renew their spirit, health and overall sense of well-being. Today’s Stand Down affords the same opportunity to all veterans and soldiers.


What happens at a Stand Down?

Hundreds of homeless veterans are provided with a broad range of necessities including food, clothing, medical, legal and mental health assistance, job counseling and referral, and most importantly, companionship and camaraderie. It is a time for the community to connect with the homeless veteran population and address this crisis that affects each and every town, city and state in this country. The hand up — not a handout — philosophy of Stand Down is carried out through the work of hundreds of volunteers and organizations throughout the nation.

For more information, call 406-765-7907 or your nearest Job Service office.

Volunteers are needed. To volunteer, contact Kim Kittelson at 765-7907.