Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Purchase New County Vehicle, Approve Pay Raises

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held a special public meeting Friday to approve several items.

Commissioners adopted Resolution 2014-4, which establishes a rotation for the rural fire departments to receive up to $24,500 toward the purchase a new fire truck. The commissioners will take money from the county building, machinery and equipment line item and transfer it to the appropriate rural fire department machinery and equipment line item, after a truck has been located. If necessary, the rest of the cost will come from a transfer of funds to machinery and equipment line item from the individual purchased services line item.

The fire chiefs will determine the rotation order of the five active departments. Each year, the selected department may locate a truck chassis. If they don’t, they will lose their turn in the rotation and the next department will move up. The rotation is as follows: Poplar, 2013-2014; Froid, 2014-2015; Bainville, 2015-2016; Culbertson, 2016-2017; and Wolf Point, 2017-2018.

Commissioner Jim Shanks said that the rotation does not include the DNRC trucks.

The commissioners also approved the purchase of a new vehicle. Out of the five bids presented to them, they chose a five-seat Ford Edge at a cost of $30,129.

Prior to adopting Resolution 2014-4 and purchasing the Ford Edge, the commissioners approved the minutes for the meeting held Aug. 1.

During public comment, Wolf Point resident Bill Juve asked about the set of plans and documents relating to the easement for the waterline that was discussed at the meeting two weeks ago. He asked if the commissioners had received them and commissioner Duane Nygaard replied they had not.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald said Sabrina Labatte, who works for the Roosevelt County Conservation District, may have already requested plans but she had not gotten them yet. Brenda Redfield, administrative assistant to the commissioners, said Labatte had talked to the engineer about the documents, but she had not received them yet.

Juve said he would like for someone to follow up on it, so it doesn’t “die in the weeds.” Macdonald said they would follow up on it. Nygaard said they would be getting a 2-inch line to the shop to fill the tankers. The county will also be getting a hydrant.

After, county resident George Budak said the only bad thing is that they can’t use their wells. Macdonald said by law they cannot and that the wells need to be disconnected to prevent contamination.

In personnel matters, the commissioners also approved pay raises for Pam Clark, Jenna Harthan and Sam Redfield. Harthan will move up to G2R1 while Redfield and Clark were approved for six-month one-half step pay raises.

The commissioners also tabled the decision to move Tarrah Poitra from part-time to full-time until they speak with county health nurse Bonnie Wemmer. Macdonald also said they needed to check with the clerk and recorder to see how this would affect the budget.