Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point School Mill Levies Fail Again

Wolf Point School District 45-45A voters have once again rejected two mill levies proposed by the school district, according to preliminary unofficial vote counts.

The proposition for the high school general fund mill levy, which is $50,000, was defeated with a combined vote of 222 to 201 with one rejected ballot.  

The proposition for the elementary school general fund mill levy was defeated with a vote of 188-186 with one rejected ballot.

This is the third consecutive year that voters voted against mill levies that were requested by the school district. In the previous year, the elementary general fund mill levy for the 2012-13 school year was defeated by a 352-229 vote. The failure of the mill levy resulted in the elimination of several elementary school programs and positions. Had the mill levy been approved, it would have raised property taxes by approximately $300,000.

The Wolf Point High School building reserve levy mill had also been defeated with a combined vote of 433-210. The levy would have raised about $150,000 in local property taxes, which would have gone to partially finance the replacement of the high school’s gym floor and installation of new bleachers in the high school gym.

In May 2011, the elementary school mill levy was defeated by a 294-195 vote, while the high school mill levy was defeated, 323 to 211.