Wolf Point Herald

City Holds Public Hearing For Village Project

The City of Wolf Point held a public hearing in the city council chambers July 31 in an effort to hear from public in regards to its application for grant funding with the Montana Board of Housing HOME program for the Wolf Point Village Project.

The public hearing was attended by Dewayne Jager, mayor of Wolf Point; Martin DeWitt, executive director of the Great Northern Development Corp., who facilitated the meeting; Judith Page, member of the board of adjustment; and Richard Isle, public works director. There were no members of the public who attended the meeting.

The cost for the Wolf Point Village Project is $750,000, with $3,100,000 of it being funded by the Montana Board of Housing Low Income Housing Tax Credits. The Montana Board of Housing HOME Program/City of Wolf Point Grant application is $750,000. A developer loan from the Western Bank of Wolf Point will pay $390,000 of the cost while $10,000 will be the deferred developer fee.

Wolf Point Village is going to be a rental housing complex with 24 units to be made available to households occupying at or less than 60 percent of Roosevelt County area median income. The complex will be comprised of four one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units and eight three-bedroom units. Rent for the units will range from approximately $354 to $767 a month. Each unit will be provided with energy efficient air conditioning, heating and appliances, as well as a one-car garage. The complex will also have several luxuries including: a barbecue and gazebo area, a computer learning center and a reading library.

Laurie Evans, a Roosevelt County Library board member, said she only saw 16 units on the rendering of the complex. DeWitt assured her that she was looking at the ground level and there would be eight second-level units, which would equal 24 for the complex. Page asked about any nearby buildings and she was assured that any surrounding buildings would be gone.

Jager asked if Fourth Avenue North would be the only access to the complex. Tori Matejovsky, who works for the Great Northern Development Corporation, said that would be determined in the future and DeWitt said they might use Third Avenue North.

Wolf Point citizens who would like more information, a copy of the HOME Grant Application Guidelines is available for review at the city office. They can contact Marlene Mahulm, the city clerk/treasurer, at 653-1852, #3 or they can contact the Great Northern Development Corporation.